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What We Can Do For You

Founded on our common sense innovative Greentech, practical engineering, irrefutable science and proven technical knowhow we provide economically attractive long-term solutions for water, energy, waste, and food security.


With close connections to Chatham House, one of the worlds most respected think tanks, our team understands Government needs.


We offer proven technologies that provide significant improvement to bottom line profit as well as better local community integration and environmental performance. Our flexible business model ensures all interests are aligned to reach best outcomes for all.


All our own Intellectual Property is held and asset locked in the Sphera Foundation. Sphera Foundation was established specifically to ensure the technologies and innovations that enable the supply of basic human needs are never withheld on financial grounds.


We promote businesses to be sustainable: for the clear, simple truth is for any business to rely on state subsidies is not sustainable, either for itself, or for the wider economy upon which society depends.

Think of water as a ‘carrier’ for ‘resources’ that we can use. Water can be cleaned, recycled and re-used that too can generate useful shared profit from useful process by-products.

A fundamental law is that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can certainly be better managed. IGS reveals some basic common sense solutions that can create local energy abundance.

Waste is material to which there is no ascribed value. We approach Zero Waste through positive feedback systems. Unwanted of one process becomes the wanted of the next.

With millions undernourished in emerging nations, healthy locally produced food is as essential as water and energy.

"We partner with public and private institutions and individuals providing a one-stop shop for sophisticated projects to implement long-term solutions which make global communities thrive"

Robert Woodthorpe Browne

"The model brings together people and organisations who share the vision and are willing to offer their relevant expertise to work in collaboration"

Humphrey Cook

We work to deliver evidenced authentic sustainable development to the communities we serve.

Christopher Gleadle

Inverse Grid is a group of scientists and experienced entrepreneurs in the key areas of energy, waste and water treatment, education and communications

Phil Risby

Core Features

Common Sense

We have the technology and the know how to solve most of the worlds most challenging problems - the art of the solution is simply how to use what we have.


Quality of life and well-being is more than just food, water, energy and waste management. Our approach recognises and helps build strong cohesive communities with a common sense of purpose.


Technology has failed to deliver upon its promises: today we work harder than ever, and yet struggle more. Our approach helps build resilient, inclusive places where people will want to live, work and trade.