• IG Systems

What We Do

We offer consulting and advisory services in “towards zero waste systems” and meet the criteria of The Circular Economy and the The Blue Economy. We are contributors to ZERI, the Zero Emissions Research Initiative. As independent technology advisors, we enable new and existing projects to emit less waste, better adapt to local needs, generate more revenue streams, increase bottom-line economic performance as well as exceed environmental and sustainability targets. Our extensive global network of commercial technology providers enables innovative solutions with better performance backed by credible performance guarantees.

Our Focus

We provide solutions in all areas of basic human needs, such as water, energy, food and waste. Our solutions are designed to maximise economic return from multiple revenue streams by creating value out of all process flows resulting in zero waste, zero emission and sustainable development opportunities.

Our Speciality

We generate simple common sense solutions to complex problems that deliver elegant, evidenced, no nonsense outcomes that meet or exceed project goals... our success is we can also offer access to both debt and equity investors

Our Guide

Common sense, and the principles of the Circular Economy and the Blue Economy.

What is IGS

IGS is a multidisciplinary science, engineering, technology and social science team with proven track records in large scale commercial projects and experience of the commercialisation of innovative solutions that meet exacting economic, environmental and social performance.

Think of water as a ‘carrier’ for ‘resources’ that we can use. Water can be cleaned, recycled and re-used that too can generate useful shared profit from useful process by-products.

A fundamental law is that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can certainly be better managed. IGS reveals some basic common sense solutions that can create local energy abundance.

Waste is material to which there is no ascribed value. We approach Zero Waste through positive feedback systems. Unwanted of one process becomes the wanted of the next.

With millions undernourished in emerging nations, healthy locally produced food is as essential as water and energy.

"We partner with public and private institutions and individuals providing a one-stop shop for sophisticated projects to implement long-term solutions which make global communities thrive"

Robert Woodthorpe Browne

"The model brings together people and organisations who share the vision and are willing to offer their relevant expertise to work in collaboration"

Humphrey Cook

We work to deliver evidenced authentic sustainable development to the communities we serve.

Christopher Gleadle

Inverse Grid is a group of scientists and experienced entrepreneurs in the key areas of energy, waste and water treatment, education and communications

Phil Risby

IGS Background

Industrial process design aims to optimise the linear path from feedstock to product. This will always create unwanted wastes and emissions as no linear process is 100% efficient. Waste and emissions are a cost to operations.

IGS uses Circular Path Design that leads to zero waste outcomes. Unwanted outputs of one process become wanted inputs of another. Our solutions are efficient and economically attractive: they are simple, elegant, and common-sense.

Our expertise lies in understanding how to profitably close the gaps between the concentrated knowledge of conventional technologies. This enables a specific project to become an integrated element of a functioning system that actively enhances economic, social and environmental performance. When appropriate we bring proprietary IP to projects to meet optimal outcomes.