About Us

About Us

Inverse Grid Spaces (IGS), while young, is an innovative company set up by a group of experienced engineers, reputable scientists and proven entrepreneurs to provide innovative solutions in the key areas of energy, waste, water, and food. We also offer training courses, education and solutions for communications.

Our inspiration comes primarily from Nature, but also from initiatives such as Professor Gunter Pauli’s Blue Economy, and Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy… amongst others.

Wherever there is waste, there is a problem. When we use water, we add contaminants and output waste water. When we use fuel, we output carbon dioxide. When we make products, we create waste. When we use products, we create waste. The way we live today converts resources into waste, waste water, waste heat, solid wastes, liquid wastes – continuous emissions.

IGS specialise in connecting the great pools of knowledge from specific scientific disciplines that have created the amazing technologies of today (and enabled us to create waste more rapidly than in any other time in human history), and we adapt, design and integrate to build zero waste systems.

Our business is built upon research, technology, innovation and economics: but never at the expense of social awareness and a deep respect for all forms of Life.

We value the scientists of the past who openly explored Nature to gain a better understanding of the world in which we live for the betterment of all living things. Today, we have science driven by large organisations producing outcomes for the betterment of their sponsors.

We are a technology company and use today’s technologies for solutuons. Yet we are fully aware, that while advances in technology allow society in general to achieve things not even dreamed of fifty years ago, we have ever greater problems of supplying the basic human needs than we did fifty years ago. We commit to using technology wisely.

Inverse Grids
We have found that it is possible, by selecting the most appropriate technologies, and the use of solid science, to assemble a system to create a fully integrated feedback system (FIFS). We can design systems that instead of taking any electricity and water from the grid, it can supply these to the grid. It is possible to process all produced wastes and generate useful products, achieving a zero waste performance. It is possible to have design flexibility so as to adapt to the local environment, solving local problems rather than adding.

Nature has an excellent sustainability record: a few billion years it seems, and still going strong. In Natural systems, we find adaptability, flexibility and resilience, all made possible because of the incredible diversity of Nature and how it adapts to ever changing conditions and never creates waste streams that do not serve a need of the system. IGS recognises that the best technology may not be the most efficient technology, but can be made to be so when it is part of an exceptionally efficient IGS system where all outputs serve a purpose.