We analyse the local context, available resources, and possible approaches, to accelerate optimal WTE project outcomes combined with authentic sustainable development: taking into account local cultural and historical traditions as well as policy frameworks.


We support our investor, municipal and Governmental clients to identify extended market opportunities and Economic Value Add related to renewable energy production. Community consultations are given a high priority throughout the process.

We provide an integrated analysis encompassing:
▪ Scientific and technical analysis
▪ Scenario development and model multiple technology outcomes
▪ Community consultation and engagement
▪ Business Models for proposed solutions
▪ Risk and Opportunity intelligence for value chain impacts
▪ Economic, health and well-being development to community
▪ Recommended Action Plan

How to do more with less!


Given the current economic predicament and environmental challenges facing many countries across the globe, the notion of sustainable development has become a prominent goal for many governments and enterprises.

Perhaps an overused word, but it catches the heart of our concern, that of tackling a number of inter-related global issues such as poverty, inequality, hunger and environmental degradation. There is a huge, un- or underexploited potential of renewable resources.

We advise governments, municipalities, enterprises and investors conducting sustainable projects in the renewable energy and natural resources management sectors in emerging and developing countries to enhance the social and environmental sustainability of projects as well promoting their economic viability.

We also act as subcontractors for specific technical and due dilligence advisory tasks. We advise local communities willing to test viable green technologies to produce energy.

We think global, as we are aware that everything is linked and entangled, and act local to contribute with every single green piece of the puzzle!