There is a fundamental law of physics: it states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. We also know that we have an abundance of energy – the energy from the sun is 86,000 times more than used by everyone on the planet. We do not have an energy problem. What we have is an energy management problem.


When we ‘use’ energy, we convert it from one form to another. A mobile phone, has energy in the battery to power the phone. When we use the phone, it communicates and gets warm.

To charge the battery, we plug it into a wall socket all day. We can feel the heat radiating from the charger. Typically, to charge our mobile phone, requires 5vdc, from a 240v AC wall socket, which has been delivered to our home via transmission lines at many tens or even hundreds of thousands of volts. Gigawatts of energy are wasted in transmitting the power to chargers left plugged in all day; than the few miliwatts used to communicate.

This simple example reveals that if we change to more efficient devices that operate from low voltage DC sources (bear in mind that PV panels output low voltage DC), a strong case for rethinking our power generation and distribution system can be made.

With emissions and fuel use factored, fresh eyes show we must question the sense of our current energy approach.

In brief

To stop wasting energy is a boon. Coupled with energy supplied locally, and connecting communities, with by-products from energy distribution being better waste management, food, clean fresh water, healthier environment and economic opportunity, Inverse Grid becomes common place from being common sense.

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