IGS a leader in Solutions for Sustainable Development.

We work with investors, governments and industry providers to help communities, businesses and economies grow by shaping the places where people want to live and work and support environmental and economic development.

Our Purpose

Everything we do contributes to achieving our purpose: helping people, organisations and economies to develop their skills to manage waste and resources and create opportunity for sustainable growth within a protected inclusive environment and improved well-being. This purpose drives everything we do.

Our Purpose in Action

We reinvest our surplus to support our social purpose, which aims to change people’s lives through the Sphera Foundation. IGS has established The Sphera Foundation, the primary function of which is to provide access to the technologies that can resolve the problems of basic needs when and where it is needed and affordability is not possible.

Sphera ensures freedom to operate for all project stakeholders such that the communities being served will have free use of IP and know-how and maximum benefit of that IP generated by or with that community.

Everyone has the same basic needs, irrespective of wealth, race or nationality. The most basic mark of civilisation is that all have access to food, water, shelter, health and well-being, and the opportunity to earn a living to provide for their family.

We recently assisted Sunshine4Pallestine in an education project at the University of Bethlehem. While in the area we met with other NGO’s operating in Gaza, Palestine and Syria to explore ways to assist with waste water treatment, sewage treatment and more.