Integrated Waste Management

Integrated Waste Management

Waste typically is defined as something unwanted; valueless. IGS sees no waste: only a lack of recognition of value.

Just as a pile of stones may be viewed by most people as of very little value. To an expert, indicators of precious materials may be seen. A gold mine will process many tons of stones and rock to recover that value, yet its developed the processes to generate profit.

With the right eyes, with the right knowledge, we see no waste. Instead we see a potential source of income for communities and improvement to the GDP, productivity, and better environmental conditions.

Our first offering is the knowhow and IP to enhance AD plants so that the performance is sufficient to be attractive without need for subsidies.

Solid or liquid – Municipal Solid Waste, agricultural, or forestry: IGS AAD plants can absorb multiple waste streams and create valuable out puts from all stages – pre-processing to completion through the IGS AAD.

Our offering is much more than just the plant; we start at point of source, and we work with the municipality towards cleaner urban pathways, residential and business zones.

IGS Integrated Waste Management includes the correction of inefficiencies in the flow of materials. We assist local and national Government to make deliberate and normative decisions about how the value stream of waste should flow.

IGS recognises the need to understand a community’s character, customs and history and work empathetically to improve the city, town or region for all.