IGS has made a conscious decision not to protect its Intellectual Property through patent mechanisms. We consider protecting knowledge on how to restore the damage caused to supplies of the most basic human requirements such as water and food, creating a non-toxic environment and energy security as morally reprehensible.

Intellectual Property (IP) that IGS has developed is managed by The Sphera Foundation. The Sphera Foundation is our solution to protect the Freedom of Use of knowledge to ensure benefit for others and minimise risk of being blocked by those who may be less well intentioned.

Business Model

Our business model is based upon the application of knowledge, and knowing how to use knowledge. We value know-how, not patents.

We prefer to build and maintain our position in the market through practical delivery of effective solutions rather than legally protect our knowledge through patents.

We strive to deliver the best solutions through collaboration rather than competition.

Anaerobic Digesters

We know-how to:

  • Decrease hydraulic residency time
  • Increase bio-gas production per kg of waste
  • Increase methane content of biogas
  • Increase electricity output per m3 of biogas
  • Reduce capital cost per given size of plant
  • Reduce residue waste outputs
  • Output liquid fuels instead of biogas
  • Increase bottom line profits

Intellectual Property (patentable)

  • Selection of specific enzymes for pre-treatment
  • Effective low energy demand mixing system
  • Thermal stability management
  • Reactor geometry