Robert Woodthorpe Browne

Robert Woodthorpe Browne MBE, Chairman. Robert Woodthorpe Browne is a reinsurance, broking and underwriting industry professional especially in Developing, Central and European countries with specialties that include agricultural and environmental coverage. Using his world wide travel to over 130 countries combined with fluency in French, German and Spanish he has further gained extensive experience in international politics and diplomacy.
Currently, Robert is a Council Member of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House), as well as Vice President on the Bureau of Liberal International. Chairman International Relations Committee Liberal Democrats. Board Member British German Association. Committee Member Gresham Society (Gresham College) Fellow Royal Geographical Society, member English Ceramic Circle and Royal Forestry Society.

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Christopher Gleadle

Christopher Gleadle. CEO:  is a respected authority in operational sustainability strategies.
Chris’s systems thinking skills were developed from his industrial software development experience, that have enabled him to develop training programmes for the rapid implementation of large scale applications.

Chris has established and run his own businesses founded on the development of intuitive programmes for the management of fuel, logistics and financing, and has been a contributor to the development of International Standards from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Accounting, development, management and progression of Carbon Credit accounting systems, Material Reporting and Communication for Environmental, Social and Governance and International Standards for Sustainable Development, BSI, as well as development of novel Sustainable Development economic modelling tools.

Chris has authored several books and many papers that are widely respected, published and cited globally. His work is recommended reading by notable sources such as UNEP, Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Indices, Finance Middle East, et al. and Chris has been invited key note speaker at several international conferences.

His emphasis on novel training and economic development programmes in Eco-Innovation and the Circular Economy is directly relevant to the long term strategy to integrate innovative technologies into systems that improve quality of life.

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Philip Risby. Chief Technical Officer: has had a long career of successful innovation. Recognised at the age of 12 years  on BBC series, “The Young idea” for his pioneer work in microwave radio communication, he established his first company while he still was and University that provided novel solutions including to an international well known tyre manufacturer. After graduating with honours, Phil was head hunted by the Ministry of Defence and worked three years in their highly secret Systems and Weapons research labs before resigning on ethical grounds to embark upon a career of commercialising his own innovations through his own companies.
Phil has been involved, and led, projects in waste management, power generation and waste to energy, ports and harbours, mining, wetland restoration and environmental forensics and remediation in USA and Caribbean. His innovations have been featured on BBC Horizons documentary,  “Twenty technologies that can change the world and he is the only innovator to have two innovations listed in the report to the Club of Rome, “100 innovations, 10 years, 100 million jobs”.
He has been an honorary lecturer at University of East Anglia and an Invited speaker at University of Cambridge, where he also has published research.
Phil was Vice President to BIMP EAGA (Brunei, Indonesias, Malaysia and Philippines) and advisor to Governments, Ministers and High Net Worth Individuals in Europe, South America, and South East Asia. Phil has interfaced with a number of entities including Government departments and SOE’s in China both on technical and financing aspects including technical advisor to the Brunei Royal Family’s visit to Beijing.
Phil was Founding Board member of the UK Government’s Local Enterprise Partnership, and sat on the board of a local Chamber of Commerce.  His interests included  humanitarian projects and is currently advising on projects in Palestine, Gaza, Syria and other areas with unique challenges.
During 2012 – 2014 Phil worked with Mr Chris Barry, the innovator of the AD technology to further develop the AD processes.  Phil brings a wide range of experience and relevant technical competences.

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Dr. Yap Chief Scientist: leads the pulsed plasma research and plasma application group in the University of Malaya.

The team is responsible for research and development of pulsed discharge plasma technologies for applications including environment remediation, biomedical and energy (fusion). Her background is in physics, plasma technologies and plasma diagnostics. She was offered the Young Scientist Research Fellowship by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012 but opted to become a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China where she worked with in the Electrical Engineering Department on X-pinches and atmospheric pressure plasma. She has lead and co-researched in various government funded and private funded projects under the Plasma Research Laboratory in University of Malaya.

Currently, utilizing both her experience and research skills, she is exploring various applications of plasma in the fields of clean energy. She is passionate about plasma application and is ever ready to explore beyond literature reports.


Humphrey Cook

Humphrey Cook Architect: dipl arch RIBA Chartered Architect As principal of Humphrey Cook Associates, Humphrey has for 36 years acted as a practicing architect. Importantly for that time he has delivered projects of architectural and interior design for both new build as well as the restoration of listed and historic buildings: using both modern and traditional methods of construction. Experienced in utilising life cycle building construction, Humphrey designs projects to include low energy systems, as well as connects to locally sourced materials and labour thus optimising the positive effect on the local economy, as well reducing both the direct and indirect impact on the environment through reduced offsite manufacturing to improve quality and reduce waste. Amongst his accolades is the design for an underground visitor centre with zero energy usage.Humphrey’s influence and practical project delivery extends across the globe and includes: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jordan, Amman, Libya, Tripoli, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

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Stephanie Kleyman. Legal Counsel: is a commercial solicitor with over 25 years experience from small claims through to the Court of Appeal. Having worked in both private practice and in house, she combines a variety of legal knowledge as well as a good understanding of how businesses really work. Famous for her ability to explain issues in straight forward language and to deliver advice and support with both compassion and a sense of humour, Stephanie has built up a loyal following of regular clients, mostly small businesses who need a wide variety of assistance and has a strong team of assistant solicitors and support staff around her to provide legal services at all levels.

Stephanie’s passion is to help new businesses get it right from the start, helping them develop policies and procedures for the recruitment, training and retaining of staff. She also advises on company and partnership matters.

Through the recession Stephanie has also focused on helping companies manage their cash flow by assisting them in implement effective contracts, terms and conditions and debt collection policies. She is also no stranger to the Court process, helping clients bring and defend claims of all levels, although she is a big advocate of mediation and negotiation to avoid the uncertainties of litigation.

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