Every man-made machine or process is less than 100% efficient. There are always losses and inefficiencies that lead to unwanted outputs – waste.


It is said that nature does not produce waste: yet every species produces its wanted and unwanted outputs. Natural systems however always have uses for each species output. What is not wanted by one is essential for another. The net result is that nature has no need of landfills and incinerators!

It has taken a long time to move from bury or burn our waste to include digest too. Currently installed AD systems need financial support to be viable, but this need not be the case. And, as standard thinking has moved one small step to embrace “waste to energy’ as if this is the only use we can think of for waste, IGS shows how waste is a highly important resource. From waste, IGS can produce food, water, electricity, fuels and even more exotic products such as synthetic vaccines.

In Brief

Waste should never be seen as a problem. Waste is one of the most concentrated sources of much needed and used materials.

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