Fresh water is used, then thrown away as waste water. Consequently, we seek ever more sources of fresh water. Some of our aquifers have taken thousands of years to form. Yet, in just a few tens of years, we have all but sucked them dry.


When we ‘use’ water, we take in fresh water, add contaminants, and discharge ‘waste water’. In other words, water is being used as a carrier to take ‘other’ materials from one place to another.

In nature, the complex ‘filter’ of plant roots and small creatures thrive off these contaminants, to use them as a source of food, discharging their unwanted outputs – clean water.

Natural systems are more effective than our man-made solutions – to use energy demanding industrial machines that filter our water but produce difficult to dispose of sludge –  they need little or no energy to maintain, and produce better quality dischargeable water output with useful by products from the plants.

Known as “aquatic root zone” (ARZ) systems, this approach is system ready for integrating with solutions for other problem areas, such as bio-mass for energy, animal feeds, or crops for local industries (for example, bamboo that can be used from the paper industry to construction such as low cost high quality social housing projects).

However, to improve, think of a system that may for example include Anaerobic Digestion, that generally are thought not to be economically attractive.

Current AD systems in general use are primitive in design. IGS has the knowhow to significantly improve economic performance of conventional AD plants.

Stand alone, AD can take sewage as an input and electricity as an output. In conjunction with an ARZ system, Anaerobic Digestion makes good use of the additional biomass as well as  produce pure water from making use of the waste heat from the power generation side.

In brief

When designed with wisdom, solutions for water processing are not constrained to only process waste water, but produce electricity, fresh drinking water, food, liquid fuels and more. They become better for the community, better for the environment and better for the economy.



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