Working Together

Working Together

The more we work in this field, the more we realise how much there is to learn.

Despite the magnitude of technical advances, the extent of global problems has increased. The failure lies not in the technology, but in our use of technology. We have built walls around knowledge, at the expense of the greater good.


At IGS we are building bridges between the extensive islands of knowledge and expertise that have formed through specialisation in distinct disciplines. The more bridges we build, the more knowledge that is shared, the better and more effective the solutions we can offer.

Consequently, we do not view ourselves as vendors of technologies. We are collaborators that enable all to participate in the solutions.

We believe to own a technology that can benefit others, but limit its use to only those who can pay, is morally misplaced. We established the Sphera Foundation to own and make available IP for commercial and humanitarian purposes.

We in IGS put our surplus towards Sphera. We are guided by moral and ethics first. We want to partner with others who feel it is time to do whatever we can to change the world.

In brief

We believe that by working in partnership we can better fulfil our purpose to help the communities that we serve grow and build confidence.

Everything we do is geared to our purpose, and to helping our partners make better informed

decisions and supporting our partners to focus more time on what matters to them.


We welcome researchers, innovators, businesses, investors: all who feel alignment with our intent.